Joint reaction to the Alcohol Industry self regulatory proposal

Last year the European Commission provided the alcohol industry with the opportunity to come up with a self-regulatory proposal on alcohol labelling, an opportunity which the industry has ignored.......

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AIM recommendations on Vaccine Hesitancy

Vaccination is one of the most successful and cost-effective interventions to improve health outcomes. While it is true that no vaccine is 100% effective, high uptake rates have allowed to eliminate,......

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Social Economy and its Access to the Internal Market

AIM and the EESC organise an event on "social economy and its access to the internal market". Please find the agenda here.......

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Was denken die Kostenträger über den neuesten HTA-Vorschlag?

AIM begrüßt Bemühungen auf EU-Ebene, die Qualität und Aktualität von Gesundheitstechnologiebewertungen zu verbessern. Es ist hervorragend, durch eine unionsweite Zusammenarbeit sicherzustellen, d......

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AIM director’s interview on HTA

AIM’s perspectives on Health Technology Assessments – An EU-wide approach? is the fourth in a series of articles initiated by Neha Dave and Anna Dé, independent health policy consultants in Bruss......

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AIM publishes position on TFAs

AIM answered the open public consultation on the initiative to limit industrial trans fats intakes in the EU. On that occasion the organisation also published a position paper: TFApositionpaper as......

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