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Time for pandemic solidarity!

AIM has published a statement as a reaction to the unprecedented crisis which the EU is going through due to the Covid19 pandemic. In the document, AIM calls on all citizens to act responsibly and fol......

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Health insurance funds and health mutuals welcome the Commission’s reflections on a strong social Europe

European Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights Nicolas Schmit presen...

15.01.2020- Read more

AIM President Interview: “The future of Europe must be social!”

Watch AIM President Interview here....

02.05.2019- Read more

Mutuals and non-profit healthcare payers play a vital role in the achievement of Universal Healthcare Coverage

Universal health coverage represents an overarching challenge for soci...

05.04.2019- Read more

AIM visited Paris!

A delegation of 20 AIM members visited on 10 and 11 January Paris. The...

16.01.2019- Read more

Social Economy and its access to the Internal Market

On 8 March 2018, AIM had its event in the European Economic and Social...

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Time for a proper recognition of social economy entreprises in the EU

This paper lays out AIM members’ position on the key concepts of ‘...

26.04.2017- Read more

Time for a proper recognition of social economy enterprises in the EU

On 26 April, AIM published its position on social economy. The paper l...

21.04.2017- Read more

AIM organises Conference on Financial Regulation

How do mutuals in Europe and the world deal with financial regulation...

25.11.2016- Read more

Mutuals in Europe: Who they are, What they do and why they matter

AIM, together with AMICE (Association of Mutual Insurers and Insurance...

13.02.2016- Read more
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