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Time for a proper recognition of social economy enterprises in the EU

On 26 April, AIM published its position on social economy. The paper lays out AIM members’ position on the key concepts of ‘social economy’ and explains why mutuals fit in this category and the......

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AIM publishes declaration on EDCs

9 February – AIM publishes its declaration on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals demanding an appropriate set of criteria, but also calling on the Commission to raise public awareness on the issue and t......

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AIM adopts position on the Pillar of Social Rights

AIM calls for EU Pillar of Social Rights which contributes to sustainable access to good quality healthcare for all EU citizens in its position adopted on 24 November 2016. PR_PillarSocialRightsAIM......

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AIM and ESIP publish Open Letter on the Standardisation of Health and Social Services

The members of ESIP and AIM, social security organisations, mutuals and health insurance funds, are following with great concern increasing efforts at European.........

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AIM publishes press release and recommendations on CETA

Health insurance funds and health mutuals welcome the announcement of European Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström on 5 July 2016 of CETA being a mixed agreement. Nevertheless, we regret the provisi......

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Mental illnesses are among Europe’s most burdensome yet least addressed groups of diseases. 1 According to estimations by the World Health Organisation (WHO), they affect every fourth citizen at lea......

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