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AIM Special Briefing – Tallinn Sitzungen

The briefing gathers the summaries of our meetings. You will also find in it the links to presentations and pictures. We hope that you enjoy reading it!......

27.06.2018 - Mehr - Download

Die AIM besucht ihre Mitglieder in Argentinien und Uruguay

Die AIM wurde in Buenos Aires und Montevideo von ihren argentinischen bzw. uruguayischen Mitgliedern empfangen. Ein interessantes Besuchsprogramm ermöglichte dem  Präsidium ein besseres Verständni......

06.04.2018 - Mehr

Social Economy and its access to the Internal Market

On 8 March 2018, AIM had its event in the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) on “Social Economy and its access to the Internal Market”. Invited were representatives from the European in......

05.04.2018 - Mehr

AIM director’s interview on HTA

AIM’s perspectives on Health Technology Assessments – An EU-wide approach? is the fourth in a series of articles initiated by Neha Dave and Anna Dé, independent health policy consultants in Bruss......

12.02.2018 - Mehr - Download

AIM publishes position on TFAs

AIM answered the open public consultation on the initiative to limit industrial trans fats intakes in the EU. On that occasion the organisation also published a position paper: TFApositionpaper as......

22.01.2018 - Mehr

Special Briefing – Rome 2017

AIM special briefing on its statutory meetings which took place in Rome from 15 to 17 November is out! Read it here.......

27.11.2017 - Mehr
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