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Open letter to the members of the Committee on Culture and Education

On 25 May 2016, the European Commission adopted a proposal to revise t...

01.04.2017- Read more

AIM comments on the public consultation on excise duties applied to manufactured products

AIM recommends to increase taxation of all tobacco products which, on...

26.02.2017- Read more

Standardisation of Health and Social Services

The members of ESIP and AIM, social security organisations, mutuals an...

14.09.2016- Read more

AIM recommendations on ceta

While in certain areas, the European Union and its Member States would...

08.07.2016- Read more

Adaptive pathways: Why are we cautious?

In order to improve access to medicines, the European Medicines Agency...

30.06.2016- Read more

Brochure about Mutuals in Europe

AIM, together with AMICE (Association of Mutual Insurers and Insurance...

16.06.2015- Read more
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