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What payers think about the latest HTA proposal

AIM welcomes efforts at EU level to improve the quality and timeliness of health technology assessments. It is excellent to ensure through Union-wide collaboration that the assessor has timely access......

15.02.2018 - Más

AIM publishes position on TFAs

AIM answered the open public consultation on the initiative to limit industrial trans fats intakes in the EU. On that occasion the organisation also published a position paper: TFApositionpaper as......

22.01.2018 - Más

AIM members have different roles in ensuring access to pharmaceuticals

AIM discusses during its general assembly what could be appropriate steps towards sustainable access to pharmaceuticals. But why should AIM members be involved in those discussions? Are payers not jus......

09.11.2017 - Más

Sabemos lo que es justo!

The Dutch Minister of Health, Mrs Edith Schippers, brought the topic to the agenda of the European Council last year. The Commission is now trying to find out whether she had a point, whether it is tr......

11.10.2017 - Más

Press release: Dialogue between EMA and AIM

The AIM Working Group on Pharmaceuticals participated last week in London, at the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in a dialogue between EMA and payer organisations about how to ensure alignment of eff......

27.09.2017 - Más

Time for a proper recognition of social economy entreprises in the EU

This paper lays out AIM members’ position on the key concepts of ‘social economy’ and why mutuals fit in this category and why it is important to have a clear definition. The paper also outlines......

26.04.2017 - Más - Descargar
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