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AIM publishes Declaration on EDCs

On the occasion of the online seminar co-organised with HEAL and Mutualités Libres: "Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and Public Health: How are mutuals taking action", AIM publishes its updated declar......

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AIM answers Consultation on the roadmap of the Social Economy Action Plan

The ongoing Covid-19 crisis and its serious consequences has definitively shown, how important social economy enterprises with its main players associations, foundations, mutual benefit societies and......

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Green Paper on Healthy Ageing: AIM answers Consultation

The paper below gathers AIM’s full answer to the European Commission consultation on the Green Paper on Ageing. Some examples of best practices from the mutualist sector have been listed under some......

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Health Literacy in the EU Cancer Plan

This paper highlights AIM’s very first reaction on the initiatives mentioned by the European Commission Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan regarding health literacy. AIM looks forward to the implementat......

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Déclaration à l’occasion de la journée mondiale de la santé – Seule la solidarité internationale pourra assurer à tous l’accès aux vaccins COVID-19

La Journée Mondiale de la Santé est placée sous le thème « Pour un monde plus juste et en meilleure santé ». À cette occasion, l'Association internationale de la mutualité (AIM), qui regrou......

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AIM publishes COVID-19 Vaccination Factsheet

Amid European turmoil around the safety of AstraZeneca Vaccine, AIM publishes its factsheet on COVID-19 vaccination, which contains a list of recommendations to decision-makers. Find the factsheet......

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