Position papers

Joint Statement on the Revision of the Pharmaceutical Legislation by associations representing healthcare providers, patients, healthcare professionals and payers

Enhancing patients’ access to high-quality and affordable medicinal...

09.11.2022- Read more

AIM publishes Cancer Screening Recommendations

Cancer screening is a priority for AIM members. As not-for-profit heal...

26.06.2022- Read more

European Alliance for Cardiovascular Health launches plan to tackle Europe’s leading cause of death

The European Alliance for Cardiovascular Health (EACH) – a unique Eu...

01.06.2022- Read more

Mutuals adopt the Dakar Declaration at the International mutualistic conference of Dakar

Mutuality has experienced strong development in Africa over the last 2...

16.03.2022- Read more

The EU Care Strategy: AIM publishes its recommendations

The European Commission has announced the publication of a EU Care Str...

18.02.2022- Read more

Mutualist Pledge for the Greater Involvement of Youth in the Mutualist Movement

AIM Latin-American members adopted the “Mutualist Pledge for the Gre...

06.12.2021- Read more
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