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Time for pandemic solidarity!

AIM has published a statement as a reaction to the unprecedented crisi...

25.03.2020- Read more

AIM calls for a real social pillar to be included into the EU-Africa Strategy

test.The EU-Africa Strategy that was published on March 9th, includes...

13.03.2020- Read more

Mutuals and non-profit healthcare payers play a vital role in the achievement of Universal Healthcare Coverage

Universal health coverage represents an overarching challenge for soci...

05.04.2019- Download

International Seminar reaffirms the Importance of Mutualism in answering 21st Century Challenges

The International Seminar which took place in Buenos Aires gathered 20...

22.03.2018- Download

Actes de la Conférence Abidjan 2016

Mars 2016 Considérant que plus de 90% de la population vivant dans...

13.03.2016- Read more

Retour sur la Conférence d’Abidjan: Présentations et Discours

Retrouvez les discours et les présentations de la conférence sur les...

13.02.2016- Read more
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