AIM answers Consultation on the roadmap of the Social Economy Action Plan


The ongoing Covid-19 crisis and its serious consequences has definitively shown, how important social economy enterprises with its main players associations, foundations, mutual benefit societies and cooperatives are. Suddenly, health, resilience and solidarity moved into the focus of policy making.. Solidarity is the most important core value of mutual benefit societies. In the healthcare sector, they contribute to good, affordable, and universally accessible health care for all in the countries in which they operate. And, if there is one thing that the COVID-19 crisis is teaching us, is that good healthcare is an important pillar of a social society and of a social Europe. Mutual benefit societies contribute to the improvement of social policy and environmental topics. As non-profit actors, they play a key role, often on behalf of public authorities, in providing innovative social services of general such as healthcare as well as general care services. They strive for an ambitious role in the debates on the implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights, the UN sustainable development goals and the European Health Union. AIM, the international and European umbrella organisation of mutual benefit societies is therefore grateful to give feedback on the Commission proposal for a Social Economy Action Plan.

AIM answer Social Ecocomy Action Plan_final

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