Joint Statement – Transparency is needed to reap the full benefits of the EU’s investment in its Vaccines Strategy


Ahead of Friday 18 September’s webinar the EU Vaccine Strategy, a number of European and international organisations representing not-for-profit healthcare insurers, healthcare professionals, public interest organisations have developed and endorsed recommendations to bring more transparency around the Strategy and the accompanying Advance Purchase Agreements.

At this crucial stage in the development of one of the main elements of the EU’s response to COVID-19, trust and accountability need to be upheld in order to safeguard and promote public health, the quality of healthcare systems, patient and consumer safety. Therefore, the signed organisations call for:

  • Transparency on the amounts as well as on the destination of the EU’s spending on COVID-19 vaccines
  • High standards of regulatory assessment of COVID-19 products
  • Transparency of the vaccine joint procurement process
  • Transparent liability clauses to make sure that responsibilities are fairly shared between manufacturers and the public sector

The full statement is attached and available here: