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Green Paper on Healthy Ageing: AIM answers Consultation

The paper below gathers AIM’s full answer to the European Commission...

21.04.2021- Read more

AIM feedback on the HERA

Health crises like Covid-19 are global in nature and require collabora...

01.03.2021- Read more

Tackling Medical Deserts across the EU

In the context of the European Commission Consultation on a "Long Term...

30.11.2020- Read more

AIM publishes its Activity Report 2017-2020

You will find the links for all languages below: English: AIM Acti...

19.11.2020- Read more

AIM Recommendations on the Green Paper on Ageing

AIM welcomes the European Commission’s intention to publish a Green...

06.07.2020- Read more

Joint letter to the European Commission on Covid19

AIM (International Association of health care mutuals and health care...

18.03.2020- Read more
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