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Apps upon Prescription: Participate to AIM Seminar

Join our Seminar "Apps upon Prescription: Discussing mHealth Quality a...

30.11.2018- Read more

AIM adopts Brussels declaration on Air Pollution and Health

We, the undersigned representatives of the International Association o...

15.11.2018- Read more

The Future of Mental Health

Join AIM conference on the future of mental health which will be held...

04.10.2018- Read more

AIM welcomes EC proposal for stronger cooperation against vaccine-preventable diseases

The European Commission published today a proposal of recommendations...

03.05.2018- Read more

Joint reaction to the Alcohol Industry self regulatory proposal

Last year the European Commission provided the alcohol industry with t...

13.03.2018- Read more

AIM recommendations on Vaccine Hesitancy

Vaccination is one of the most successful and cost-effective intervent...

02.03.2018- Read more

AIM organises Seminar on Vaccine Hesitancy

11 December: The WHO, the European Commission, the Standing Committee...

12.12.2017- Read more

AIM organised seminar on Vaccine Hesitancy

Read our press release: "Vaccine hesitancy, a public health threat to...

12.12.2017- Read more

Vaccines? No Thanks – Seminar on Vaccine Hesitancy

Around Europe, a growing wave of parents not wanting to vaccinate thei...

14.11.2017- Read more
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