Online Seminar: Health in Times of the COVID19 Pandemic


Thrusday 19 November – 14:00 to 16:00 (Brussels time)

How did countries across the world deal with the pandemic? How are they preparing for future healthcare crisis and what do they expect from decision-makers? Join our online seminar to find out.
After keynote speeches from Jens Spahn, Minister for Health, Germany; Hans Kluge, Regional Director, WHO Europe, and Isabel de la Mata, Principal Advisor for Health and Crisis management, European Commission, AIM members from Africa, Europe and Latin-America will gather in a round table to discuss different reactions to the pandemic and the lessons learned.
The event will close with the publication of the AIM recommendations on the future of health.

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EN – Seminiar on Health in times of the COVID-19 pandemic 19 November 2020