AIM Special Briefing – Brussels 2019


Our special briefing summarises the meetings which took place in Brussels from 12 to 15 November 2019. It is available in 4 languages:
English:AIM Special Briefing – BoDBrussels2019_FINAL
French: AIM Special Briefing – BoDBrussels2019_light_FR
German: AIM Special Briefing – BoDBrussels2019_DE_light
Spanish: AIM Special Briefing – BoDBrussels2019_light_ES


Wednesday 13 November

De 0 a 100 con Historia Clinica Electronica.pptx
10_Convencion2019_AIM II

Thursday 14 November
Slides Brussels BoD_thursday14November

Other presentations will be uploaded soon.

Pictures are available here.