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The future of Health in the EU

What should a socio-political Europe look like? What will healthcare p...

25.10.2018- Read more

Mutuals governance challenged by European law

On 28 September, the Association Internationale de la Mutualité (AIM)...

02.10.2018- Download

Social Economy and its access to the Internal Market

On 8 March 2018, AIM had its event in the European Economic and Social...

05.04.2018- Read more

Social Economy and its Access to the Internal Market

AIM and the EESC organise an event on "social economy and its access t...

15.02.2018- Download

AIM public statement on the Juncker’s Speech State of the Union 2017

On 13 September 2017, the European Commission President Jean-Claude Ju...

18.09.2017- Download

AIM President underlines the role of mutuals in the fight against healthcare inequities.

AIM President, Mr. Christian Zahn (Vdek, Germany) opened today a joint...

27.06.2017- Read more

Time for a proper recognition of social economy entreprises in the EU

This paper lays out AIM members’ position on the key concepts of ‘...

26.04.2017- Download

Time for a proper recognition of social economy enterprises in the EU

On 26 April, AIM published its position on social economy. The paper l...

21.04.2017- Read more

AIM adopts position on the Pillar of Social Rights

AIM calls for EU Pillar of Social Rights which contributes to sustaina...

08.12.2016- Read more
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