Our goals

Our common objective is to develop and defend universal access to high-quality, affordable healthcare along with social protection based on solidarity and democracy.

Our missions

  1. Working with European and international institutions to promote universal access to healthcare
  2. Promoting health protection based on solidarity and democracy
  3. Fostering exchange of best practices through discussions between our members
  4. Strengthening social innovation
  5. Promoting both the mutual model and the social and solidarity economy

We work in the following areas: public health, social policy, company law, international cooperation of mutuals

Some of our current activities focus on

  • Working for the affordability and availability of medicines and medical devices
  • Contributing to implementing the Directive on ‘patients’ rights in cross-border ‘healthcare’
  • Exchanging best practices in the fields of long-term care, healthy ageing and prevention
  • Lobbying on horizontal issues such as data protection and VAT
  • Organising conferences on health issues
  • Promoting our members’ interests in European and international negotiations on trade agreements (TTIP, CETA, etc.)
  • Supporting mutuals through the adoption of mutual rules (European Mutual Statute, Mutual Codes in Africa and Middle East as well as Latin America)
  • Supporting the structuring of mutual movements in the three AIM regions (Africa and Middle East, Europe, Latin America)
  • Promoting mutuals as a vital means of providing social protection in Africa and Middle East, Europe and Latin America
  • Acting as a stakeholder in the European Commission’s initiatives such as the European Network for Health Technology Assessment.