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AIM organised seminar on Vaccine Hesitancy

Read our press release: "Vaccine hesitancy, a public health threat to...

12.12.2017- Download

Vaccines? No Thanks – Seminar on Vaccine Hesitancy

Around Europe, a growing wave of parents not wanting to vaccinate thei...

14.11.2017- Read more

Time to unlock the Potential of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

AIM is the umbrella organisation of health mutuals and health insuranc...

26.04.2017- Download

EUMHAlliance – Depression: the biggest barrier to workplace well-being

The European Alliance for Mental Health in All Policies, of which AIM...

24.04.2017- Read more

Open letter to the members of the Committee on Culture and Education

On 25 May 2016, the European Commission adopted a proposal to revise t...

01.04.2017- Download

AIM comments on the public consultation on excise duties applied to manufactured products

AIM recommends to increase taxation of all tobacco products which, on...

26.02.2017- Download

AIM publishes declaration on EDCs

9 February – AIM publishes its declaration on Endocrine Disrupting C...

13.02.2017- Download

What about our kids?

30 November 2016, Brussels. A coalition of over 40 European and nation...

30.11.2016- Download

AIM Position on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

AIM sends out a clear signal today about how important health promotio...

03.06.2016- Read more
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