3rd Edition of the International Day of the Mutualist Woman

10 March 2022

The PASS, with the support of the Vyv group and the FNMF, will organise the third edition of the International Day of Mutualist Women (JIFM for its French abbreviation) on 10 March. The theme of this year’s event is: “Health crisis and gender inequalities”.

This event will bring together on Thursday 10 March 2022 more than 150 women, including 20 Ivorian participants, who will meet face-to-face at the headquarters of the Programme d’Appui aux Stratégies Sociales (PASS) on behalf of all the women in the network. The 130 other participants will connect remotely from various countries in Europe, Latin America and Africa.

The JIFM 2022 is intended to be an intense event of reunion and exchange around a dynamic that has allowed women mutualist leaders from Africa and Europe to meet around the same platform.