AIM Declaration: Global access to vaccines & medicines is needed for all and at a fair price


AIM’s General Assembly adopted a declaration on Global Access to Vaccines.
AIM welcomes the different initiatives of the European Commission and the WHO et al. to enable for access to the vaccines in all the regions of the world. In its declaration, AIM calls on international institutions, national governments and the pharmaceutical industry to make sure to guarantee global access to vaccines and medicines for all at a fair price.

Read the Press release:PRAIMDeclarationJune2021

The Declaration is available in 4 languages:

– English:EN FairPricing_DeclarationAIM_final
– French: FR FairPricing_DeclarationAIM_final
– Spanish:SP FairPricing_DeclarationAIM_final
– German: DE FairPricing_DeclarationAIM_final