AIM is part of the ASCERTAIN project to secure access to affordable medicinal products to European patients


AIM participates in a European project on affordability of medicinal products. The Erasmus University of Rotterdam, who has the lead of the project, has just kicked off for four years the Affordability and Sustainability improvements through new pricing, Cost- Effectiveness and ReimbursemenT models to Appraise iNnovative health technologies (ASCERTAIN) consortium. ASCERTAIN is a project financed by the European Union’s flagship programme for health research Horizon Europe and will, among other things, develop new ways to calculate how to price new and expensive medicinal products, such as for instance gene and cell therapy.

Loek Caubo, AIM’s President, said: “The launch of ASCERTAIN is a very important step. We are glad to participate in this project where we will be able to continue our work on the topic of affordability of medicinal products.”

Please find our press release here.

Please find ASCERTAIN’s press release here.