AIM organised a CEO seminar on the European Health Data Space on 19 September 2022


On 19 September 2022, AIM organised a CEO seminar on the European Health Data Space. The objective was to show to the CEOs of the members of AIM what specific legislation at European level can impact their affiliates and their organisation. With this seminar, AIM wanted to create a platform for our CEOs to directly share information and expertise as well as questions and answers to high-level representatives of the European Commission. AIM had invited speakers from the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare as well as high representatives from the European Commission as Ms Sandra Gallina, General Director from DG SANTE. After lively discussions, it was concluded that the interest of European citizens in sharing data will probably increase. But it comes together with trust and the secure use of the data. The benefit will come by itself, as there will be better treatment, better management of funding. Especially patients with rare diseases will feel the benefits in person at first.
The European Commission had presented its long-awaited proposal for a European Health Data Space to improve access to health data for everybody and its use in research and policy on 3 May 2022. The EU claims that it will have savings to the amount of €11 billion, half coming from the exchanges in the healthcare and the other half for the use of health data in research and policy. The EU has lined up € 810 million in funding to build the necessary infrastructure.

Read the report: CEO_EHDS_2022