AIM Recommendations on the Green Paper on Ageing


AIM welcomes the European Commission’s intention to publish a Green Paper on Healthy Ageing. AIM believes people’s health and well-being should be at the centre of that paper, just as of any EU initiative. Europeans who gain in healthy life years can contribute to society for longer on the one hand and reduce the impact of ageing on healthcare systems on the other, two aspects which in turn will be beneficial to European economies. According to AIM, the main question the Green Paper should answer is the following:
“How can the EU contribute to healthier and happier older people?”
In order to answer it, AIM proposes to take the positive health model as a basis.

More information in our paper: AIM Recommendations for the Green Paper on Healthy Ageing_FINAL

Picture: AIM recommendations organised according to the positive health model by Machteld Huber