Register for the 2023 edition of the International Mutualist Women’s Day – Gender equality and UHC for more resilient and equitable health systems


Over the past decade, a great amount of research has focused on health inequalities between women and men and on the influence of gender representations on the management and detection of certain diseases. In the context of the implementation of universal health coverage (UHC) policies in several African countries, it is important to highlight these challenges and to hear women illustrate them.

Several institutions in Europe as well as in Africa have pointed to this issue, around which the 2023 edition of the International Mutualist Women’s Day (IMWD) will be held in Senegal, from 02 to 04 March 2023. This fourth edition of the IWD will bring together women from Africa, Europe and Latin America at the Palm Beach Hotel in the seaside town of Saly Portudal to discuss a number of issues:

  • Can we really talk about inequality of access to healthcare between men and women in the field?
  • What is the weight of socio-economic determinants in these inequalities?
  • Are these differences sufficiently taken into account in health policies and in the provision of care?
  • What role can women leaders of mutuals or SSE organisations play alongside our States to reduce these inequalities?

This 4th edition of the IMWD will be marked by enlightening contributions from international organisations, public authorities and civil society organisations including mutuals, which have taken initiatives or are carrying out projects to reduce these inequalities.

During three days punctuated by field visits, communications, round tables, panels, workshops and networking opportunities, the participants will plunge into the heart of these important topics with the diversity of their views and without complacency. The objective is to come up with relevant recommendations on the role of women for achieving the UHC. Participants will interact on these topics and propose concrete initiatives at their level to take action. The meeting will be held in French, but with translation into Spanish foreseen.

The registration link for the event is here :