EU Collaboration on Vaccination


The current outbreak of COVID-19, its crippling effects on European economies and societies and the race to find a vaccine against the disease have put to the fore the fragility of our societies. It has also made the importance of vaccination more evident than ever and thumbed its nose to the most sceptical. Beyond and before COVID-19, outbreaks of illnesses which we thought have been controlled had already made vaccination and vaccine safety a priority at European and Global level (where it has always been). A debate was launched on whether and how vaccination could be organised at EU level and an EU-wide campaign started to fight against vaccine hesitancy. The dire consequences of COVID-19 in the European Union have now made these debates even more relevant and call for decisive action, an action which, we are convinced, should also take place at European level. With the present paper, AIM would like to draw the attention of EU institutions to different key aspects in the fight vaccine-preventable diseases.

Read our position paper here: paper on vaccination+COVID19_FINAL