European Commission, OECD and the European Observatory launch new country health profiles


On 13 December, the European Commission, OECD and the European Observatory launched new country health profiles and a “Companion Report” on 29 countries health systems performances. The country health profiles include all 27 Member States of the EU as well as Iceland and Norway and are supposed to support policymakers and other stakeholders, researchers as well as the general public. The country health profiles cover the latest developments of the 29 countries, while the Companion Report is a selection of cross-country trends.
The profiles and the report reflect the challenges of countries with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Companion Report focusses on three points:
* Understanding the health impacts of the pandemic
* Advantages of digital innovation in healthcare delivery and public health
* Rethinking and planning of health workforce strategies after COVID-19
The European Commission hosted a virtual event on 13 December to launch the latest edition of the Country Health Profiles and Companion Report. Sandra Gallina, Director General at DG Health and Food Safety of the European Commission opened the event. The key findings of the Country Health Profiles were presented by Stefano Scarpetta (Drector of the Directorate for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs at OECD) and Josep Figueras (Director of the European Observatory). Maya Matthews, who is the Director of the European Observatory, presented the Companion Report.
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