Guide to the search for suitable accommodation for general practitioners


About three out of four general practitioners (GPs) experience problems with housing in the Netherlands. For example, they find it difficult to find new practice space or outgrow their existing GP practice. In order to support general practitioners and health centres with their housing problems, the ‘guide to housing general practitioners and health centres’ has been created.

This guide is not only intended for general practitioners, but also for other organizations that must ensure that all Dutch people have a general practice close to home, such as regional general practitioner organizations, municipalities and health insurers.

Guide provides tools

The guide stems from an agreement in the Integral Care Agreement (IZA) on the housing problems of general practitioners and health centres. The guide provides insight into the instruments that can contribute to a solution to the housing problems. The guide explains how organisations can work together at local and regional level to solve bottlenecks.

For example, a regional GP organisation can map out the housing needs of GPs and health centres in the region. After this, it can share this information with the municipality and the health insurer. In turn, a municipality can take into account new construction projects, for example, that a GP practice or health centre must be given a place in the neighbourhood. It can also give the promotion of sufficient space for primary care a prominent place in its policy.

Healthcare needs of the future in focus

The health insurer can map out how the care needs will develop in the future and thus anticipate changing needs in a timely manner. A health insurer can also make agreements with a regional GP organisation to support the accessibility of GP care in the region.

The ultimate responsibility for finding suitable accommodation ultimately lies with the GPs themselves. For example, they must inform the regional GP organisation in good time whether they are looking for a new practice space, have a waiting list or outgrow their current practice.

The Housing Guide for General Practitioners and Health Centres is an initiative of InEen, the National Association of General Practitioners, the Dutch Healthcare Authority, the Association of Dutch Municipalities, Zorgverzekeraars Nederland, and the Ministries of Health, Welfare and Sport and the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations.