Intergenerational Solidarity & Ageism: AIM takes part to the Conference of the Slovenian Presidency


The Slovenian Presidency organised on 18 November the conference Human Rights for All Ages: Promoting a Life Course Perspective and Intergenerational Cooperation to Combat Ageism. The event gathered over 600 participants from 60 countries. AIM was invited to participate to a panel on the importance of intergenerational solidarity as a way to tackle ageism.

Participants to the conference discussed how discrimination on basis of age can be addressed through a rights-based approach and life-course perspective. Another strategy explored was boosting intergenerational solidarity. AIM underlined in its intervention that fostering intergenerational solidarity requires a whole of society approach, one that looks across all sectors and policies. In its presentation, it focussed on education, labour market, cities and communities, decision-making and ICT. For each of those aspects, it provided examples of best practices which showed that mutuals are key actors in tackling ageism and that they are already very active in boosting intergenerational solidarity.

Read AIM’s full speech: SpeechAIM_final