“Our health before profit” – Our Belgian member Solidaris launches a campaign to integrate fair pricing of medicinal products in the legislation


Our Belgian member Solidaris, the socialist mutual, launched its campaign on fair medicinal products prices. Today, Belgium spends more than 5.4 billion euros a year on reimbursing medicines out of a budget of almost 32 billion euros for health care. These medicines help to improve the health of Belgians, but the cost of new treatments is a threat to the reimbursement of future treatments with expenditure for drugs delivered in hospitals to outpatients that has exploded in recent years with growth rates of around 20% per year.

Solidaris applied AIM’s fair pricing model to 7 medicines and found that currently-paid prices exceed the calculated fair price by up to 18 times. If the fair price as calculated for the 7 selected medicines was applied, Belgium could save 1 billion euros, which represents 20% of the current expenditure on medicines.

Solidaris now opened a petition for signature, to integrate the fair prices elements into the pricing procedure by public authorities in Belgium, in order to restor balance in the pricing of new products.

You can find the campaign’s website here: https://lejusteprixdesmedicaments.be/

You can find the Belgian case study on the implementation of the model here: Solidaris Impact Fair price in Belgium 01 2023 def

You can find the petition here (in French): https://lejusteprixdesmedicaments.be/signez-la-petition/#tabsHow

You can find AIM’s fair pricing calculator and model here: https://fairpricingcalculator.eu