Solidarity: the only way to ensure a good future for ourselves and our children and grandchildren


“As members of AIM, solidarity runs in our veins: we work together every day to ensure the availability of good healthcare and social security for all our members. This makes us only a small cog in the machinery of the big world. But not an unimportant cog, because the issues we deal with are among the basic conditions for a good life. And apart from that: the situation in the world calls for everyone’s efforts, so all the cogs matter. As we said in Berlin, solidarity is not automatic, it is something that has to be fought for, something we have to work hard for. Especially in times of crisis, the danger of self-interest is lurking. But we know better than anyone that it is precisely in times of crisis that it is necessary to act from a position of solidarity, also from a position of ‘well-understood self-interest’. ” Loek Caubo, AIM President

Read the full opening speech of AIM president Loek Caubo at the General Assembly in Vienna, 9 June 2022: speech Loek GA Vienna