The EU Care Strategy: AIM publishes its recommendations


The European Commission has announced the publication of a EU Care Strategy, to be published mid-2022.
AIM has released a position paper ahead of that publication and the talks that will follow, underlining its primary concerns and proposals for the future Strategy. The text highlights the necessity of putting solidarity at the heart of the Strategy and taking a human-rights-based approach. The EU Care Strategy, according to AIM, should also contribute to ensuring access to high-quality long-term care across the EU, as well as the sufficiency, efficiency, and well-being of the care workforce. Furthermore, it should strive for better support and recognition of informal carers, as well as include mental health as a major priority. AIM also emphasizes the potential of emerging technologies in the field of care and how the EU Strategy may help unlock that potential. Finally, improving the preparedness of a sector that was severely impacted by the pandemic is highlighted as a top priority.

Read our position paper: The EU Care Strategy_FINAL