Time for pandemic solidarity!


AIM has published a statement as a reaction to the unprecedented crisis which the EU is going through due to the Covid19 pandemic. In the document, AIM calls on all citizens to act responsibly and follow governments’ recommendations. It also asks healthcare industries to put effective health technologies on the market at an affordable price, in order to ensure accessibility and affordability for health systems, healthcare professionals and for patients. AIM also calls on Member States to act in a coordinated manner, putting solidarity at the core of their actions. That solidarity, according to AIM, should go beyond Europe, as the whole globe are facing the pandemic. AIM calls on the EU to support those countries where social security systems are undeveloped. Finally, the international organisation of healthcare mutuals and funds also underlines the essential role of mutuals in EU economies and in reinforcing the social fabric. Mutuals should benefit from a European legal framework for social economy enterprises and from the necessary financial support.

Read the statement here:AIM _Statement_Covid19_Solidarity statement_FINAL

French: T2020-16 Statement on COVID-19 Solidarity FINAL

Spanish: AIM _Statement_Covid19_Solidarity statement_FINAL_ES

German: AIM _Statement_Covid19_Solidarity statement_FINAL_DE