Press releases

The European Health Data Space: Crucial Proposal for Better Disease Prevention, Development of Medicines and Cross-Border Healthcare

Health insurance funds and health mutuals of AIM welcome the proposal...

06.05.2022- Read more

AIM calls for the implementation of solidarity mechanisms to support refugees from Ukraine

Health insurance funds and health mutuals of the international umbrell...

01.04.2022- Read more

World Obesity Day: Time to protect Children from the Marketing of Unhealthy Food

On World Obesity Day, social, health and consumer organisations call o...

04.03.2022- Read more

Meryame Kitir, Belgian Minister for Development Cooperation, affirms the role of the mutualist movement in achieving universal health coverage in Africa

On Tuesday 25 January 2022, in front of nearly a hundred participants...

27.01.2022- Read more

AIM welcomes new EU Directive on Platform Workers

AIM welcomes the new directive on platform workers, which ensures the...

13.12.2021- Read more

Mutual benefit societies welcome the Social Economy Action Plan

Mutual benefit societies welcome the European Commission's long-awaite...

13.12.2021- Read more
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