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AIM publishes position on TFAs

AIM answered the open public consultation on the initiative to limit i...

22.01.2018- Read more

AIM members have different roles in ensuring access to pharmaceuticals

AIM discusses during its general assembly in Rome in November 2017 wha...

09.11.2017- Read more

We know what FAIR is!

The Dutch Minister of Health, Mrs Edith Schippers, brought the topic t...

11.10.2017- Read more

Press release: Dialogue between EMA and AIM

The AIM Working Group on Pharmaceuticals participated last week in Lon...

27.09.2017- Read more

New Dutch initiative to reduce costs of expensive pharmaceuticals

Dutch hospitals and health insurers will start with a pilot to collect...

01.09.2017- Read more

AIM submits contribution to EC consultation on HTA

AIM fully supports the idea that, also after the finalization of EUnet...

13.02.2017- Download

Adaptive pathways: Why are we cautious?

In order to improve access to medicines, the European Medicines Agency...

30.06.2016- Download

AIM is cautious about adaptive pathways

AIM is cautious when ‘Adaptive Pathways’ are concerned. Please fin...

30.06.2016- Download

We welcome Council conclusions on balancing the pharmaceutical system in the EU

17 June 2016 – Social security organisations, mutuals and health ins...

13.02.2016- Read more
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