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AIM reacts to the publication of the European Pharmaceutical Strategy roadmap

A fair diagnosis but will the treatment match ? The European Commissio...

05.06.2020- Read more

EU Collaboration on Vaccination

The current outbreak of COVID-19, its crippling effects on European ec...

22.04.2020- Read more

European patients need fair medicines prices

The press regularly announces the discovery of a new drug or the purch...

04.12.2019- Read more

We need more transparency on medicinal products markets!

Several World Health Organization Member States have tabled a Resoluti...

23.05.2019- Read more

Medical Devices: Time to implement Regulations and increase Transparency

AIM, together with the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (E...

26.02.2019- Read more

Patient safety must prevail

Alarming messages in the international media yesterday and today confi...

26.11.2018- Read more

HTA vote in the EP: much more meat on the bones, but it still needs a bit more cooking

AIM supports the overall objective of the Commission proposal on Healt...

03.10.2018- Read more

AIM agrees on position regarding the draft EC regulation on HTA and the Cabezón report

AIM supports the overall objective of the EC proposal on HTA and calls...

11.06.2018- Read more

AIM discusses draft HTA regulation with Commissioner Andriukaitis

27 April - AIM met today with European Commissioner for Health, Mr Vyt...

30.04.2018- Read more
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