The publication of WHO’s updated Global Air Quality Guidelines is an opportunity for the EU to improve its air quality standard for a better protection of public health


On 22 September, the WHO published its updated Global Air Quality Guidelines. They provide clear evidence of the health harm of air pollution, at even lower concentrations than previously thought, and recommend new limits for key air pollutants. The publication can constitute a key tool in the fight against both air pollution and climate change. AIM published a Press Release welcoming the updated guidelines and calling on the EU to use them in order to develop stricter and evidence-based regulation. In the document, AIM encourages the European Union and Member States to support the implementation of the new WHO guidelines at the coming COP26. It also calls for the alignment of EU air quality standards with WHO guidelines and the latest research findings by 2030 and for the inclusion of additional air pollutants within the scope of the EU Ambient Air Quality Directives (AAQD).

Read the press release here: AIM PR – WHO Air Quality Guidelines