Joint statement on the European Health Data Space


AIM co-signed with other not-for-profit organisations, representing patients, healthcare professionals, hospital pharmacists, payers, and healthcare institutions a letter to ensure a more coherent, fair and society-centred approach to the European Health Data Space (EHDS).

In the letter, the undersigning organisations made clear that they strongly believe that when it comes to healthcare, research and sensitivities linked with health data, the interest of society must prevail over the market. To ensure that public needs are prioritised over profit, the undersigned organisations urge to:

 1)            Reject supporting provisions strengthening IP rights and trade secrets

2)            Include provisions on public return on data investment

3)            Incorporate a wider range of civil society representatives into EHDS governance

4)            Foresee sufficient time to develop and implement the EHDS


 Please find the signed joint statement on the European Health Data Space draft proposal here: NGO_JointStatement_EHDS