The documents of the Lomé conference are available!


AIM organised on 22-23 January 2019 in Lomé its international conference “Investing on Mutuals for the XXIst century”. The conference gathered more than 200 African and European mutualists. The purpose of the conference was to send a strong message regarding what is needed to expand social protection in Africa.

The program of the conference consisted during the first day in high-level discussion on key themes for mutuals to contribute to the success of universal health coverage and social protection policies (commitment to  rely on mutual benefit societies to develop universal health coverage, compulsory membership, delegation of management), in order to bring the voice of the mutualists to the political decision-makers.

The second day culminated in the discussion and in the adoption of the Lomé Platform. The Platform is the result of a consultation process conducted by the mutualist movement. The Lomé Platform contains three calls.

  1. In terms of political calls, the Platform ask for the reinforcement and the implementation of regulations that guarantee the institutional, technical, financial and functional sustainability of mutuals.
  2. The Platform also calls for the implementation of compulsory affiliation to universal healthcare coverage for the whole of the population.
  3. Lastly, it recommends that the organisation of universal healthcare coverage is trusted to mutuals by way of management delegation.

The Platforms addresses in this context international, regional and national players and entrusts them with the task of conducting and implementing these calls. It also falls upon the mutualist movement to monitor the advancement towards the fulfilment of these goals.

You can find the report on the conference here (in French).

Please find the final version of the Lomé Platform here.

La Plateforme de Lomé est disponible ici.

Version in German is available here.

Version in Spanish is available here.

Pictures are available here.

The meeting presentations as well as the speeches are available below:

22 janv_Discours du Ministre Bawara

22 janv_Discours Zahn_Ouverture

22 janv_Discours Alaoui_Ouverture

22 janv_Intervention Kouakou Pascal Abinan

22 janv_Discours Thierry Beaudet

23 janv_Discours de clôture_Zahn

22 janv_AMAT-CI – Présentation_AMATCI-vecteur-de-solidarite

22 janv_Déclaration de presse

23 janv_Déclaration de presse

22 janv_BIT_Presentation_Lomé

22 janv_Conclusion Jean-Pascal Labille

22 janv_Kouakou Abinan_Intervention Lomé

22 janv_MAADO_Intervention conférence AIM


22 janv_UTM – Délégation de Gestion dans le cadre du RAMU

23 janv_MASMUT-PASS_Compilation présentation 23 janvier parties 1_2_4_5_6 – Complet

23 janv_MUGEF-CI_Projet digitalisation CUI_synthèse_230119

23 janv_MUPEMENET_Développement de l’offre de soins mutualiste un enjeu stratégique, Lomé 22 au 23 janvier 2019

23 janv_RESODOC_190123_ResoDoc_AIM