Stop marketing unhealthy food to children!


On 9 November, the online seminar “Towards a childhood free from unhealthy food marketing: Exploring the next frontier for European Action” gathered over 180 participants to discuss the effects of that marketing on children’s health and rights. The discussions also highlighted the lack of protection offered by current instruments such as the EU Pledge, and presented a blueprint Directive, a concrete example of how the EU can use its powers to regulate on the issue.
The event and the initiative were supported by MEPs Wiener and Ripa, both very committed to the issue of healthy and sustainable diets. In total, 20 organisations signed the call to action, which was published, together with the blueprint directive, on the day of the event. The event and the documents are the outcome of many years of collaboration of health, child, family and consumer organisations. Yet, it only marks the beginning of an initiative which now needs to make its way through EU institutions.

Read the call to action:Call to protect children from the marketing of nutritionally poor food_FINAL

and the blueprint Directive: Blueprint EU Directive_Protect children against the marketing of nutritionally poor food_final_October2021