The Netherlands: Zorgverzekeraars Nederland signs Integral Care Agreement


Representatives of the entire Dutch healthcare sector have looked ahead to healthcare for the next four years with the Integral Care Agreement (IZA). Health insurers participated intensively in the drafting process and contributed ideas based on the interests of their policyholders. After all, it is important for insured parties to be able to trust that good care remains accessible to them and that premiums need to rise as little as possible, especially in these times. With the agreement, parties will take important steps to this end. In almost all subdivisions, difficult and acute bottlenecks are addressed. To keep healthcare accessible in the future, the entire healthcare sector faces a major challenge. This requires all healthcare parties to jointly take responsibility and shape the necessary movement towards prevention and appropriate care.
Health insurers are keen to work with patient organisations, healthcare providers and care providers, municipalities, regulators and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. It is a joint responsibility, especially for people with fewer opportunities, to provide appropriate care and help, not only when ill, but also to live healthier lives. Agreements on appropriate care and cooperation in the region make this possible. Health insurers hereby have the challenging task of both fulfilling their duty of care and at the same time not letting health care premiums rise too fast, despite increasing demand for care, staff shortages and high inflation. Because both an affordable premium and the accessibility of care are in the interest of the policyholders.
All parties involved in this healthcare agreement will build new and different solutions. Parties are working together on digital care, digital data exchange and a focus on appropriate care. Primary care in particular plays an important role in all these changes. That is why health insurers are investing in projects precisely there to make the sector ready for this new future. These include projects in the field of digitalisation, training and development of nurses, tackling absenteeism and the use of home automation. A strong financial boost has been agreed for district nursing through a special fund with which these kinds of projects will be started.

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