Discovering the Role of Food Environments for Sustainable Food Systems


Food environments are at the heart of the debate about the achievement of more sustainable food systems. “The concept has been adopted by a range of leading organisations and incorporated in a number of initiatives, including the European Union’s (EU) Farm to Fork Strategy.
But what are food environments? What added value does the concept of ‘food environment’ bring to efforts to transition to sustainable food systems? And how do you change food environments for the better?”

The policy brief published by the Food Policy Coalition aims at further sharpening the understanding about food environments. It sheds light on what a ‘food environment approach’ entails for EU food policy and the transition to sustainable food systems. It was published ahead of the Parliament vote on their Farm to Fork Strategy report. You can read it here:
Policy briefing I Discovering food environments for sustainable food systems_EU FPC_October2021

AIM is part of the Food Policy Coalition. It brings together civil society and organizations working towards “refining and advocating for a shared vision of sustainable food systems at the EU level.”