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L’AIM organise la conférence internationale mutualiste “Le Pari de la Mutualité pour le XXIe Siècle”!

L’AIM organise avec ses partenaires une conférence internationale les 22 et 23 janvier 2019 à Lomé, au Togo, sur le thème « Le Pari de la Mutualité pour le XXIe Siècle ». Cet évènement aur......

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Time for pandemic solidarity!

AIM has published a statement as a reaction to the unprecedented crisi...

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AIM calls for a real social pillar to be included into the EU-Africa Strategy

The EU-Africa Strategy that was published on March 9th, includes human...

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Universal health coverage: Mutuals are key partners

While the United Nations (UN) and its agencies are today organizing th...

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WATCH ONLINE: AMA organises international congress of mutualism in Montevideo

AIM partner AMA, in collaboration with AIM Uruguayan member UMU organi...

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Mutuals and non-profit healthcare payers play a vital role in the achievement of Universal Healthcare Coverage

Universal health coverage represents an overarching challenge for soci...

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The documents of the Lomé conference are available!

AIM organised on 22-23 January 2019 in Lomé its international confere...

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AIM International Conference “Investing in Mutuals for the 21st Century” (Lomé, Togo, 22-23 January 2019)

The International Association of Mutual Benefit Societies (AIM) is org...

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AIM visits its Members in Argentina and Uruguay

AIM was welcome by its Argentinian member CAM in Buenos Aires and by U...

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International Seminar reaffirms the Importance of Mutualism in answering 21st Century Challenges

The International Seminar which took place in Buenos Aires gathered 20...

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